Historic Division of Mars

At Mars, Incorporated, we live and breathe chocolate. We have an impressive history of our own, manufacturing the highest quality chocolate confections for over 100 years. But, when we looked further into chocolate’s colourful past it seemed that there was so much more to the story – more facts to uncover.

That’s why, in 2006, we established The Historic Division of Mars, Incorporated and the Chocolate History Group; to uncover chocolate’s rich history, gain a deeper understanding of how our ancestors enjoyed chocolate, then share what we learned with consumers.

In collaboration with food researchers, chefs, and historians from universities and living history museums, we sought to develop the most accurate report yet on chocolate’s history, uses and origins. In fact, our team discovered references to chocolate dating back 60 years earlier than had been previously recorded.

This new body of research and knowledge has enabled HERITAGE™ Chocolate to recreate historically authentic chocolate products and recipes, making them available to chocolate lovers everywhere.